Pricing Information

Agent-To-Agent Self Service...1.5¢ per email with a $7 minimum.

Agent-To-Agent Full Service...2.5¢ per email with a $49 minimum.

Agent-To-Sphere Weekly Newsletter...$99 per month plus a one time $75 setup charge.

Agent-To-Sphere Monthly Newsletter...$85 per month plus a one time $75 setup charge.

NOTE: The monthly article based newsletter requires a 12 month commitment. The Happy Monday newsletter service is month to month and may be cancelled at any time.

PAYMENT: We keep your credit card on file for payment each time you use our service. You will receive a paid receipt by email after each transaction. Please click the Payment Authorization Form link below to complete the payment form. Then fax or email the completed form to us. 

NOTE: The authorization form only needs to be completed once.

Payment Authorization Form.

Thank you for using our email service, we appreciate your business.

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