Agent-to-Sphere Newsletter

Our Custom Newsletter Service is a great way for you to Stay in Touch with your sphere of influence. These are the people who know you and are the ones who are most likely to refer business to you. You especially want to stay in touch with your clients who have previously purchased homes with you as their Realtor.

We offer 2 types of newsletters, both of which are customized with your branding. The main differences are the frequency and the content. Check out each type below.
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What's Involved:

Weekly newsletter called the Happy Monday Email Service. This service keeps your name and contact information in front of your sphere AND puts a smile on their face. The content (provided by us) consists of a funny or unusual video, a cartoon and a joke and is sent by us to your personal email list every Monday. The content is good, clean fun and steers clear of material that is of a religious, political or sexual nature.

FREE ADDED BENEFIT: You have the option to include a personal note, coupon or special offer each week at no additional cost!

COST$99 per month and includes up to 1000 emails. Additional emails cost $.03 each.
Click here to see examples of the Happy Monday newsletter.

Monthly newsletter about whatever topic you choose. This is an information based newsletter that is sent to your sphere of influence once a month. The content is supplied by you (up to 3 internet based articles), formatted by us and then blasted to your personal email list by us.
COST: $99 per month plus a one time $75 setup charge.
Click here to see examples of the Custom Newsletter.

Thank you for using our email service, we appreciate your business.

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